How to watch the NY Jets on 'Hard Knocks' tonight

Everything you need to know about the first 'Hard Knocks' episode tonight
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The NY Jets are arguably the most notable and successful team in the history of HBO's "Hard Knocks." Tonight, the Jets will make their return to the hit HBO show with plenty of hype surrounding them.

The Jets first appeared on the show during the 2010 season. The sixth season of "Hard Knocks" provided us with ample entertainment, including Rex Ryan's antics, Darrelle Revis' contract drama, and Antonio Cromartie trying and failing to name his nine children.

While the Jets are expected to provide less access than any team in the show's history this year, there should still be plenty of must-see moments. It all starts tonight.

But how can you watch the Jets on "Hard Knocks"? What time does it start? How many episodes will there be? We've got you covered with everything you need to know about this summer's hit HBO series.

What time is 'Hard Knocks' tonight?

The first episode of "Hard Knocks" will air tonight at 10 pm ET on HBO. This will be the first of five hour-long episodes that showcase some of the most notable storylines from Jets training camp. Expect to see a lot of Aaron Rodgers tonight.

How to watch 'Hard Knocks'?

You can watch the Jets on "Hard Knocks" tonight by tuning into HBO at 10 pm ET. The series will also be available to stream on HBO's streaming platform, Max. You are also able to stream the series on Amazon Prime by purchasing or renting it.

How many episodes of 'Hard Knocks' are there?

There will be five episodes of "Hard Knocks" this season. Episodes are set to air every Tuesday at 10 pm ET starting tonight. The season finale is scheduled for Tuesday, Sep. 5 — six days before the Jets' season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

When is the last time the NY Jets were on 'Hard Knocks'?

The Jets have made one appearance on "Hard Knocks" in the show's existence, coming all the way back in 2010. Not only is that season one of the most notable in the show's history, but the Jets made it to the AFC Championship Game that year.

They are the most successful team in "Hard Knocks" history. No team has ever made it further in the postseason. The Jets are hoping to repeat that success this year.