How many primetime games do the NY Jets have in 2023?

NY Jets
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It's amazing what happens to a team when you get a future Pro Football Hall of Famer at quarterback via trade, eh? The NFL regular season schedules have officially been released and the NY Jets have a total of six primetime games in 2023.

With new quarterback Aaron Rodgers in town and one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Jets will undoubtedly enjoy having all these games nationally televised to the football world. It's also a great sight to see that the Jets will kick off Monday Night Football with what should be an epic primetime matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1.

Besides that, the Jets have some great primetime games to look forward to that will ultimately prove if they'll be pretenders or contenders in 2023. With big primetime matchups against the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Miami Dolphins, it'll be a great measuring stick to see if the Jets can show up, play competitive football, and actually leave victorious.

The NY Jets have six primetime games in 2023

Here are all the primetime games the Jets will be playing in this upcoming season:

Week 1: Sept. 11 vs. Buffalo Bills (Monday Night Football)
Week 4: Oct. 1 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday Night Football)
Week 9: Nov. 6 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Monday Night Football)
Week 10: Nov. 12 at Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday Night Football)
Week 12: Nov. 24 vs. Miami Dolphins (Black Friday Football)
Week 17: Dec. 28 at Cleveland Browns (Thursday Night Football)

It should also be noted that the Jets will also be featured in the first-ever "Black Friday Football" game. So now, besides enjoying football on Thanksgiving Day, we get a Jets bonus the following day to watch while eating leftovers.

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Here's to hoping that the NY Jets have a successful season and one that finally ends their NFL playoff drought. It's been way too long and honestly, with Rodgers under center leading the charge, 2023 could very well be an unforgettable season that ends up being one that will be talked about for many years to come.