Haason Reddick holdout unlikely to extend into NY Jets training camp

Jets fans shouldn't be worried about a Haason Reddick holdout
Haason Reddick
Haason Reddick / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The NY Jets were caught off guard when prized offseason acquisition Haason Reddick was a no-show for voluntary and mandatory practices this spring. The former All-Pro is officially in the midst of a holdout after opting not to attend mandatory minicamp this month.

While the Jets have publicly and privately insisted that they're not concerned about Reddick's situation in the long run, it's undoubtedly become an unnecessary and unexpected distraction for the organization ahead of a must-win 2024 season.

The good news for the Jets is they have roughly a month to sort things out with Reddick, who is reportedly searching for a new contract, before training camp begins in late July.

Reddick is set to make just $15 million in the final year of his contract and he enters the summer with zero guaranteed money remaining. It's easy to see why he wants a reworked deal, even if the Jets believed the two sides were on the same page when they traded for him back in March.

But despite the growing concern amongst fans and the obvious annoyance the situation has become, this situation seems likely to be resolved before the team reconvenes for training camp next month.

The NY Jets will likely resolve the Haason Reddick situation before training camp

Neither side benefits if Reddick's holdout carries over into training camp. Reddick would miss out on $50,000 per day he misses of training camp, and those fines are non-rescindable. The Jets can't retroactively give Reddick his money back unless a specific clause is added to his contract.

On top of that, Reddick isn't going to get paid if he doesn't play. If the Jets really wanted to, they could call Reddick's bluff and play hardball. The Jets aren't forced to give Reddick a new contract. If Reddick wants his well-earned payday, he's not going to get it sitting at home.

And from the Jets' perspective, they have no incentive to drag this out beyond training camp either. The Jets don't want to make this situation any more of a distraction than it needs to be. The optics surrounding their prized offseason addition sitting out throughout training camp wouldn't go over well.

The Jets also want Reddick to be in the best shape possible for the start of the season. It doesn't help anyone if he misses all of training camp and shows up to Week 1 out of shape. The Jets certainly don't want that — not for a player they're relying on to help achieve their goals in 2024.

Both the Jets and Reddick are incentivized and will be motivated to get a deal done. Don't expect any sort of long-term commitment until the offseason (if at all), but a short-term 1-2-year band-aid deal loaded with incentives makes sense for both sides.

The NFL is a business at the end of the day. Reddick is capitalizing on whatever leverage he has, and the Jets will do the same. Expect a compromise to be reached before training camp.