Fans will get a good gauge of the NY Jets in Snoopy Bowl preseason finale

NY Jets
NY Jets / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

After having a joint team practice on Thursday with the NY Giants, the NY Jets look to end their preseason against their hometown rivals. All eyes will be on a plethora of players on the Jets clawing and scratching their way with hopes of making the final 53-man roster or practice squad.

There is a lot of history when it comes to the infamous "Snoopy Bowl" at MetLife Stadium. For years now, anytime the Jets face the Giants, it all comes down to bragging rights as to which team gets to hold the famous Snoopy trophy for being victorious in the end. Of course, it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things but for fans in attendance, it's a fun night watching both New York football teams battle it out.

The Jets are hoping they can leave this game without any major injuries and finally start preparing for their Week 1 season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. All eyes will be on the Jets' offense to see if they can actually be consistent, score points, and be a core strength of the team. It'll be interesting to see how veteran quarterback Joe Flacco does as he fills in for Zach Wilson who will be out for a few weeks with a knee injury.

The NY Jets will end their preseason against the NY Giants in the Snoopy Bowl

At this point in time, the Jets' defense is easily their main strength of the team as a whole. Sure, it might take a few weeks for this side of the football to gel and work as a unit but once everything falls into place, it'll be fun to watch them do what they do best. Hopefully, with all the defensive additions added via free agency and in this year's NFL Draft, they'll be better than what we saw last season.

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Starters should play the entire first half for the Jets so it'll be a good gauge for fans to see how well their offense, defense, and special teams perform. It will be a great sight for fans to see what the Jets should look like to start the regular season and hopefully, they can put that Snoopy trophy in their locker room once this game is finally in the books.