Even Aaron Rodgers is losing confidence in Jets' OC Nathaniel Hackett

Hackett has been a nightmare from the start.
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

While much of the ire for the NY Jets' offensive struggles have been pushed onto quarterback Zach Wilson, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett needs to take a large chunk of the blame for how historically poor the offense has looked since the injury suffered by Aaron Rodgers in Week 1.

The Jets have scored just eight offensive touchdowns all season long and haven't had a touchdown-scoring drive of longer than one play since Week 4. It's the end of Week 10 for those keeping track at home. Hackett's overly conservative nature is once again ruining this attack.

Even though Wilson started off throwing the ball fairly well in the Jets' Sunday Night Football tussle with the Las Vegas Raiders, Hackett decided to lean on Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook to an inordinate degree. This has even Rodgers, his most loyal sycophant, completely confused.

After getting to second-and-1 following a Raider change of possession, Hackett called two runs that were stuffed for no gain and led to a punt. Rodgers, who is allowed to listen in to what Hackett is saying in the headset, was clearly shaking his head in disagreement with the play call.

Aaron Rodgers is upset with NY Jets' OC Nathaniel Hackett

To briefly defend Hackett, he isn't working with the Greatest Show on Turf. His makeshift offensive line is pulling players off the street, Garrett Wilson is the only wide receiver who can get open, and Wilson's poor pocket presence makes it very hard to get in a rhythm. That doesn't totally excuse him.

What makes Hackett so tough to watch as an OC is how poorly he calls plays situationally. He will always run in obvious running situations, never challenge a defense deep down the field, and bizarrely run plays with vertical action in the red zone. The result is complete chaos and confusion despite what the delusional Hackett believes.

Rodgers would be giving this offense a much higher floor if he was in, and he seems to be targeting a return in the middle or end of December if he continues the most miraculous Achilles recovery ever. Until then, prepare for more of the Hackett and Wilson show despite the poor results.

The worst part about the injury is getting all of the acolytes hanging around in positions of prominence without the Rodgers factor to elevate the offense. You get the bad, namely Hackett proving to once again be one of the worst play-callers in the league, and none of the good.