Dolphins fans are already upstaging NY Jets fans at MetLife Stadium

Dolphins fans are taking over MetLife Stadium
Tyreek Hill, Dolphins fans
Tyreek Hill, Dolphins fans / Bryan Cereijo/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins fans travel well, and there's a good chance they might outnumber the amount of NY Jets fans at today's Black Friday game between the Jets and Dolphins.

Dolphins fans are already taking over MetLife Stadium with a sea of aqua and white spotted all around the stadium before the game. Just take a look at some of these videos posted to social media.

Of course, it's hard to blame Jets fans for not wanting to show up to watch this product. The Jets have scored fewer touchdowns than any NFL team through the first 10 games of a season since 2009. They can set the NFL record if they go touchdown-less today.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins enter with a 7-3 record, sitting atop the AFC East. They have an opportunity to extend their lead in the division with a victory over their rivals today.

NY Jets fans might be outnumbered at MetLife Stadium today

The Jets will be starting Tim Boyle at quarterback this week after the team benched previous starter Zach Wilson this past Sunday. Boyle will be tasked with igniting an inept offense that has undergone some changes.

Allen Lazard is inactive this week. The Jets gave some of their young skill players more snaps last week. The team is trying to spark this offense — nothing has worked to this point.

As for the Dolphins, their defense has been balling in recent weeks, carrying an offense that has taken a step back after a red-hot start. Still, the Dolphins are heavy favorites this week for a reason.

While the Jets at least hoped to have home-field advantage on their side, it appears that might not be the case. The Jets can silence this rowdy crowd with a hot start, although asking this offense to do that is asking a lot.

The Jets are playing for their postseason lives today. Here's to hoping the many Dolphins fans at MetLife don't leave the stadium in a happy mood.