Derek Carr and the 3 most realistic QB options for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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1. The NY Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo

The Jets/Jimmy Garoppolo connection has made sense for quite some time now. Garoppolo has ample experience with the Jets' coaching staff having previously spent time with the likes of Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur in San Francisco.

He's an experienced veteran quarterback who could provide stability to a position that has been anything but stable for the Jets over the last decade. It's easy to see why the Jets would be interested.

Garoppolo is set to be a free agent this offseason and it's hard to imagine the 49ers will look to bring him back with Trey Lance and now Brock Purdy in the picture. He will be playing for a new team in 2023.

The Jets are the most obvious fit for the above reasons, and much like Carr, he won't require any trade assets to acquire. It's as simple as agreeing to a deal in free agency.

There are some red flags with Garoppolo. His injury history is a concern and he has thrived under ideal circumstances in the most QB-friendly system in the NFL.

Garoppolo is a good quarterback who can give you league-average QB play — which is honestly all the Jets have been looking for. However, he is a clear step down from Carr and a few other options that might be available (Jackson, Rodgers, Brady).

That said, the coaching staff/scheme fit is as obvious as it gets. No team makes more sense for Garoppolo than the Jets and it still seems likely that they express serious interest in signing him this offseason.

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Would Jimmy Garoppolo be the flashiest addition? Not at all. But he is a capable quarterback who fits the bill of exactly what the Jets are looking for. He remains atop the list of realistic Jets 2023 quarterback candidates.