Can the NY Jets still mathematically make the playoffs in 2023?

It's over...but is it actually OVER yet?
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Al Bello/GettyImages

The NY Jets have, for all intents and purposes, been eliminated from playoff contention. The Jets have now lost five consecutive games after falling to the Atlanta Falcons by a final score of 13-8 in Week 14.

At 4-8, their hopes of reaching the postseason — and coincidingly having Aaron Rodgers return — have all but vanished. The reality is a 13th season without a playoff appearance for the Jets.

But while the team has effectively been eliminated from postseason contention, they haven't mathematically been eliminated yet. Yes, I'm telling you there's a chance. Not a good chance — but a chance.

There is a scenario in which the Jets can still make the playoffs in 2023. It's not going to happen. You and I both know that. But in the spirit of being accurate, here is how the Jets can still make the playoffs this season.

How can the NY Jets still make the playoffs?

The Jets currently have a less than one percent chance of making the playoffs in a crowded AFC. They sit three games behind the final wild-card spot in 14th place in their conference. Only the Tennessee Titans (4-8) and New England Patriots (2-10) are below them in the standings.

For the Jets to have any chance of reaching the postseason, they essentially have to win out and finish 9-8. Even if that happens, the odds are they will still fall short.

Using the NY Times NFL playoff simulator, a 9-8 Jets team would still have an 84 percent chance of missing the postseason. Anything less than 9-8 shrinks the Jets' odds to below one percent again. They have to win out to have any sort of chance.

That means the Jets need to win their final five games against the Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, Washington Commanders, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots to even give themselves a sub-20 percent chance of making the playoffs.

It's not going to happen folks — you don't need me to tell you that.

The Jets have better odds to land the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft than they do to make the playoffs. That's the reality of their situation.

So, no, all hope is not technically lost. The Jets can still make the playoffs. Miracles can happen, but this team needs about three miracles to even reach the end zone right now.

It's time to get started on those mock drafts.