Why you should draft Breece Hall in your fantasy football leagues

NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

In the modern NFL, it's usually frowned upon to draft a running back early. In fantasy football, however, running backs are one of, if not the most important position on the team.

The consensus number one pick in fantasy this year is running back Jonathan Taylor, but there are many quality backs available if you aren't fortunate enough to get your hands on him. One of these backs who has been generating a bit of buzz is Jets second-round rookie Breece Hall.

The Iowa State product was many people's RB1 coming out in 2022, and it's not hard to see why. Hall is explosive, with the bonus ability to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield, something very important in PPR leagues.

Hall is also a generational athlete. His Relative Athletic Score (RAS) was a historically high 9.97. Even though running backs are usually some of the best athletes on the field, this score ranks seventh among running backs since 1987. Only six backs have ever tested higher since Reagan was in office.

Breece Hall could be the model of consistency in fantasy football

Hall is currently ranked as RB20 in PPR leagues by ESPN, but you can expect him to finish the season higher up on the list. The second-round rookie has a nose for the endzone, scoring 50 touchdowns during his three-year Iowa State career.

On top of this, he also set a new NCAA record, rushing for a TD in 24 consecutive games, the definition of consistent. When you're running a fantasy team, one of the most important things you want from your players is consistency. You always want to know what you're getting from your players every week.

All in all, Breece Hall would be a great addition to many fantasy teams. You could probably get him somewhere in the middle of the draft, which for someone expected to be a fringe RB1, is pretty darn good. Hall should definitely be on the radar for fantasy players this year.