Breece Hall apologizes to NY Jets fans after humiliating Week 11 loss

Breece Hall is sorry...and so are we
NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets running back Breece Hall is sorry that his team's fan base was forced to witness another embarrassing display of football in the Jets' Week 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Hall spoke with SNY following Sunday's game, and he offered his apologies to Jets fans for his team's performance. The second-year running back was quoted saying, "I'm sorry to the Jets fans, they don't deserve this" after the game.

Hall himself finished with 10 carries for just 23 yards, although it's hard to place blame upon him for his team's offensive struggles. He also finished as the Jets' leading receiver with five catches for 50 yards and a touchdown.

Sunday's loss marks three straight for a Jets team that's seeing their playoff hopes slip away each week. Following Sunday's loss, it's hard to see the Jets realistically making a playoff run.

The NY Jets' playoff hopes were crushed in Week 11

The Jets entered Sunday's game with a chance to improve their postseason odds to almost 50 percent again with a win, per Pro Football Focus. Unfortunately, a loss instead shrinks the odds to just 13 percent.

Those are generous odds, too, given the current state of this Jets offense. Nathaniel Hackett's group isn't just bad by 2023 NFL standards — it's on pace to be one of the worst offenses the league has seen in years.

The Jets finally made a quarterback change in Sunday's game, benching Zach Wilson to Tim Boyle, but the move was far too little, far too late. Besides, it's hard to imagine a Boyle-led Jets offense would yield better results.

This Jets offense is a disgrace in every possible way. The quarterback position is an empty void. The offensive play-calling is atrocious. The wide receiver room is essentially nothing outside of Garrett Wilson. The injury-riddled offensive line is among the worst in football.

There are few (if any) saving graces. Every part of this Jets' offense is broken.

Hall and the Jets should be apologetic after their team's performance on Sunday. Jets fans have suffered through years of offensive misery, and this year might somehow top them all.