Boomer Esiason shares wild prediction for NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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NY Jets fans have high expectations for Aaron Rodgers and their favorite team in 2023 — that much has been made abundantly clear. June is also the time for overreactions and plenty of optimism.

But one recent take shared by former Jets quarterback and NFL analyst Boomer Esiason might border more on the brink of absurdity.

Esiason spoke highly about the Jets' new pairing of Rodgers and Nathaniel Hackett, suggesting a historic season could be on the way. In fact, Esiason predicted that Rodgers will throw for a ridiculous 50 touchdowns this a minimum.

That's right, a feat that has only been matched three times in NFL history is the minimum expectation for Rodgers in 2023. Only one player in league history, Peyton Manning, has ever thrown more than 50 touchdowns in a season.

Yet, Esiason suggests that's the bar for a healthy Rodgers.

"You got a quarterback that has a major chip on his shoulder, you have an offensive coordinator who has to have a major chip on his shoulder. I’m thinking, if Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, he’s gonna have 50 touchdown passes this season, minimum. He may set the touchdown pass record this year. I’m telling you."

Boomer Esiason

Let's cool it with some of these NY Jets/Aaron Rodgers predictions

It's fair to be optimistic about the Jets' chances of competing in 2023. It's even fair to suggest that Rodgers could set the franchise record for passing touchdowns in a season.

After all, only one quarterback in Jets history has ever even thrown 30 touchdowns in a season. That historic performance came from none other than Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015. A Jets QB has only even thrown 25 touchdowns in a season on five occasions.

Asking Rodgers to double that mark is setting the bar needlessly high. Rodgers has only thrown more than 40 touchdowns in a season twice in his legendary career. The closest he got was his 48-touchdown performance in 2020 that netted him an MVP.

It's safe to say that Rodgers is likely a lock for his third MVP in four years if he throws for 50 touchdowns this season.

Of course, Esiason is likely just being hyperbolic here. In no reality should 50 touchdowns be the minimum expectation for Rodgers in 2023. If anything, the Jets are just hoping he stays healthy and helps them end their 12-year playoff drought.

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The Jets want to win, first and foremost. They're likely not concerned about whatever individual accolades and records come Rodgers' way.