NY Jets news: Aaron Rodgers loves Nathaniel Hackett, Lamar Jackson franchise tag

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, and he spoke about his NFL future. As expected, the topic of the NY Jets came up, specifically as it pertains to new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

McAfee asked Rodgers about Hackett and whether his addition to the Jets' coaching staff makes him more likely to push for a move to New York. While Rodgers avoided answering that specific question, the future Hall of Famer spoke very highly of his former coach.

"We have certain coaches who mean a lot to us over the years . Nathaniel [Hackett] is one of those guys."

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers insisted that Hackett was on a different level as far as coaches he's bonded with over the course of his 18-year NFL career. It's evident how close Rodgers and Hackett remain with each other to this very day.

If Rodgers is traded this offseason, no team makes more sense as a landing spot than the Jets. The Hackett connection certainly doesn't hurt matters.

Other NY Jets news

Ravens expected to franchise tag Lamar Jackson

Rodgers isn't the only star quarterback potentially on the move this offseason. The situation regarding Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens remains arguably the most fascinating in the NFL.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday that the Ravens are expected to use the exclusive franchise tag on Jackson this offseason. Using the exclusive tag prevents another team from signing Jackson to an offer sheet for the price of two first-round picks.

Rapoport insisted that Jackson was definitely going to be tagged, and his expectation is that it will be the exclusive tag. What does that mean for his future? It's hard to say.

The Ravens will continue to negotiate a long-term extension with Jackson this offseason, but the former MVP certainly isn't going to be happy if he's forced to play on the franchise tag in 2023. This situation could get messy — messier than it already is.

Jamaal Williams thinks Aaron Rodgers is joining the Jets

Former Green Bay Packers, and current Detroit Lions, running back Jamaal Williams joined the Good Morning Football crew on Tuesday where he was asked about what he thinks Rodgers' future entails.

Williams suggested that he believes Rodgers will be traded to the Jets this offseason and that the Packers will give Jordan Love the opportunity to start.

"I don't know why, I just feel [Aaron Rodgers] is going to go to the Jets. I want to see Jordan Love get his time to shine and show what he's worth."

Jamaal Williamss

Williams spent the first four seasons of his career in Green Bay playing alongside Rodgers, so perhaps he has some insight as to where his former teammate is going to play in 2023.

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More than likely, Williams is just guessing, but there's certainly a lot of smoke around Rodgers to the Jets. Now, we just need to locate the fire.