Aaron Rodgers is very upset about the Zach Wilson leaked reports

Aaron Rodgers calls out reporters for trying to "assassinate" Zach Wilson's character
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn't one to shy away from taking shots at the media, which is why it should come as no surprise that the four-time MVP was candid when speaking about the leaked Zach Wilson reports on Tuesday.

Rodgers made his regularly scheduled weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, and he made it clear that he was not very happy about the leaked reports suggesting Wilson was "reluctant" to play quarterback for the Jets again this season.

Rodgers called the reports "chickens—t" and accused the media of trying to "assassinate [Wilson]'s character." He was adamant that Wilson has no qualms about playing again this season.

Rodgers took it a step further, questioning why any anonymous sources inside the Jets' building would seek to harm a teammate's reputation. He insisted those leaks have no place in a "winning organization."

"When you use sources, whether intentional or unintentional, and try to assassinate someone’s character, like that report does for Zach, I have a real hard time with that. That’s a problem with the organization. We need to get to the bottom of wherever this is coming from and put a stop to it privately. … I think it’s chicken s— at its core, and I think it has no place in a winning organization."

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers criticizes anonymous NY Jets sources for attacking Zach Wilson

Reports emerged on Monday that Wilson, who was benched in favor of the recently released Tim Boyle two weeks ago, had expressed reluctance to his teammates and others in the Jets' organization about playing again this year.

Wilson's concerns seemed to be centered around the possibility of injury. The reports indicated that Wilson ultimately changed his mind, possibly after a conversation with Rodgers, and that he told head coach Robert Saleh that he wanted to start at QB this week.

Saleh didn't outright deny the reports, even suggesting that they were plausible on The Michael Kay Show later that day. He did, however, insist that Wilson told him he wanted to play.

Saleh and the Jets have yet to officially name a starting quarterback for their upcoming game against the Houston Texans on Sunday, although it's clear there will be a change after Boyle was released.

Trevor Siemian was inserted in place of the struggling Boyle this past Sunday, though he didn't fare much better. The Jets could go back to Wilson, or they could turn to Brett Rypien, who was signed off the Seattle Seahawks' practice squad on Tuesday.

Of course, at 4-8, it really doesn't matter which quarterback the Jets roll with. This offense is inept — and the QB solution clearly isn't on the roster at the moment.

As for Rodgers, he isn't happy that someone (or multiple someones) within the Jets organization leaked these reports about Wilson. He believes it's an organizational issue. That's bigger than the team's current quarterback dilemma.

Whatever the case, don't be surprised to see Wilson take the field again on Sunday — despite the much-maligned rumors about his reluctance.