Aaron Rodgers no-look TD pass has NY Jets salivating ahead of the summer

Aaron Rodgers is back and he's still got it
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

NY Jets fans are understandably excited for the 2024 season. The return of Aaron Rodgers has many Jets fans believing their favorite team could genuinely compete for a Super Bowl this year.

The Jets can legitimately claim to have one of the most talented rosters not only in the NFL but in franchise history. There are external factors to be concerned about, but on paper, this is a Jets team that should be competing for a championship.

Rodgers is the biggest reason for optimism entering the 2024 season. The four-time MVP is returning from a torn Achilles, and while there have been some questions regarding his status, it seems pretty apparent that he hasn't lost a step in regard to actually throwing the football.

The Jets hosted their first open-media OTA practice of the spring on Tuesday, and Rodgers made sure to make a strong first (second?) impression.

Rodgers put together the highlight of the afternoon with a 40-yard touchdown downfield to second-year wide receiver Xavier Gipson. Not only was this the longest play of the day, but a camera angle released by the Jets on Wednesday revealed that Rodgers' throw was actually a no-look pass.

Yes, Rodgers is already out here throwing 40-yard no-look touchdown passes in May. The video of the throw in all its glory can be seen below.

Aaron Rodgers makes the NY Jets legitimate Super Bowl contenders

The Jets entered last season with very similar aspirations following the acquisition of Rodgers in the offseason. Unfortunately, we all know how that chapter ended. A torn Achilles and a failed backup plan later, and the Jets missed the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season.

This time, the Jets hope things will be different. The team has revamped its offensive line and added a couple of new playmakers to pair with Rodgers. Combine that with one of the best defenses in the NFL and the Jets appear set up for success in 2024.

But of course, much of their success (or lack thereof) will come down to their QB. Rodgers is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but at 40 years old coming off a torn Achilles, it's worth wondering what he still has left in the tank.

We haven't seen Rodgers play at an MVP level in three years, and predicting him to be once again a top-five quarterback is expecting a lot. That said, the Jets don't need him to be the MVP version of Rodgers. They just need him to be good.

Rodgers has looked the part thus far this spring, and while that doesn't guarantee success in the regular season, it does offer another glimpse of optimism as we draw nearer to Week 1. Jets fans are excited — and it's hard to blame them.