Aaron Rodgers discusses mystery liquid he spilled on NY Jets sideline

Rodgers set the record straight here
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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The NY Jets have been putting a pathetic offensive product on the field thanks to the inept play of Zach Wilson and the poor coaching of Nathaniel Hackett. Even though Aaron Rodgers is likely out for the remainder of the year, watching his recovery has been just as exciting as watching the Jets on offense.

While Rodgers suiting up this season is still the longshot of all longshots after his Achilles injury, the future Hall of Fame quarterback continued to perfect his ability to keep the camera and attention focused on him at all times.

Rodgers made waves online (when does he not) when he spilled a gigantic vase full of an unnamed liquid on the MetLife turf during the Jets' embarrassing 27-6 loss against the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite all the humorous suggestions about what it could be, Rodgers had to go back on the airwaves to downplay any speculation.

In yet another appearance on one of Pat McAfee's many shows, Rodgers confirmed the liquid was actually a bottle of tequila given to him by ESPN sideline reporter John Sutcliffe that he accidentally spilled. Some Jets fans may have thought it was a bit more nefarious, but Rodgers confirmed its benign nature.

NY Jets' Aaron Rodgers discusses spill on MNF

Given Aaron's predilection for going off the beaten path in both his non-football interests and his choice of medical miracle cures, Jets fans were not unreasonable in questioning what exactly was in Rodgers' miracle brain and nerve tonic and why he had it on the sidelines.

Rodgers does seem to be recovering alarmingly well from an injury that has ended multiple careers in the past. The fact he's walking around and throwing the ball, even with orthopedic platform shoes in, shows that he is well ahead of schedule.

Whenever he comes back, Rodgers will be the sparkplug this dying offense so desperately needs. Breece Hall won't have to run against stacked boxes, and Garrett Wilson can finally make use of his standout downfield playmaking ability.

Jets fans may need whatever tequila Rodgers didn't spill after watching this offense, which hasn't had a touchdown drive of longer than one play since Week 4 and mustered just six points against the worst passing defense in the NFL. One can only wonder what Rodgers would be doing with this team.