Aaron Rodgers' ideal NY Jets future has one serious flaw

Aaron Rodgers might need to reconsider this plan...
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The NY Jets have no controversy over who will be the Week 1 starting quarterback for the first time in a bit, as Aaron Rodgers has secured the top spot and Zach Wilson is the backup. The supremely talented Rodgers has this Jets team eyeing a run to the Super Bowl.

Jets fans are still somewhat unsure what the future will hold. Not only is Rodgers so old that any season could be his swan song in the NFL, but the dearth of players available at the quarterback position could leave the team right back in QB hell after he leaves.

tRodgers tried his best to assure Jets fans that he is planning a multi-season stint in New York. While he envisions suiting up in Jets green for multiple seasons, fans might need to get in his ear and reconsider his idea to set New York up for success in the future.

Rodgers said that his ideal future in New York involves playing for a few seasons, helping the Jets reach a championship, and then passing the QB1 spot back to Wilson. The first two parts would delight Jets fans, but the third point in this plan is flawed.

NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers wants Zach Wilson to succeed him

Wilson performed so poorly in his first two seasons with the Jets that he was benched halfway into his second year despite his status as the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, alienating the locker room on the way. Why would he just slide right back in and produce?

Wilson has been serviceable in the preseason, as he has been getting the ball out of his hands quickly and making plays out of structure. However, due to the vanilla coverages run in the preseason with backup players, it remains to be seen how much of this play will translate to the regular season.

Even if Wilson makes improvements and repaired his relationship with his teammates, the Jets plan for what will still be a very young and (likely) very talented core would be giving a non-insignificant chunk of chance to a bust quarterback who will have gone multiple years without starting. Does that sound like a solid strategy?

Rodgers clearly has an affinity for Wilson (who looks much more confident and calm this season), and he will naturally try to support his teammates, but this plan might be overstepping just a bit. Wilson has a ton to prove before he can grab the reins again.