9 teams that could trade for NY Jets QB Zach Wilson

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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6. The NY Jets can trade Zach Wilson to the Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins isn't the future in Minnesota as the 34-year-old QB will enter the final year of his contract in 2023. The Vikings tried to draft his potential future replacement in Kellen Mond, but he lasted just one year with the organization.

Minnesota isn't looking to make a splash at the quarterback position this offseason, but it would make sense to add a young QB to their roster. If they don't go the draft route, Wilson makes some sense.

ESPN's Bill Barnwell identified the Vikings as a possible landing spot for Wilson last December, so there are at least some out there who believe it makes sense.

5. The NY Jets can trade Zach Wilson to the Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray's injury has derailed the Arizona Cardinals' plans for the 2023 season. With Murray expected to miss a chunk of next season, it's expected that the Cardinals won't be true contenders in 2023.

If that's the case, why waste everyone's time by starting soon-to-be 37-year-old Colt McCoy for half the season? It would make sense for the Cardinals to acquire a young quarterback like Wilson to see if he could push McCoy for some starts while Murray is out.

Best-case scenario, he impresses and they could flip him for draft capital. Worst-case scenario, he flops and you help improve your own draft position. Wilson would be an interesting addition for the Cardinals.

4. The NY Jets can trade Zach Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens

There's only one scenario where this makes sense. If the Baltimore Ravens do trade Lamar Jackson, and if the team they trade him to is the Jets, it would make some sense to include Zach Wilson in the deal.

The Jackson situation is still a long way from being resolved, but it feels more and more likely as the days go on that he could be traded this offseason. Now, whether the team he's traded to is the Jets is another discussion.

The Ravens' offense figures to change significantly with Todd Monken now running the show, especially if Jackson is traded. It could be fun to see what Monken could do with Wilson given his prior experience developing Stetson Bennett at Georgia.