9 realistic QB options for NY Jets after Aaron Rodgers injury

What can the Jets possibly do at quarterback?
NY Jets, Jameis Winston
NY Jets, Jameis Winston / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The NY Jets were hit with the worst possible scenario on Monday night. Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the man who was brought in to lead the Jets to the postseason and beyond, suffered what is feared to be a season-ending torn Achilles.

For this snakebitten — some might say cursed — franchise, there are no words to describe the disappointment. The Jets have a Super Bowl-caliber roster, an excellent coaching staff, and the right regime in place. They thought they finally had a quarterback, but the football gods had other plans.

It's only Week 1, however. The Jets remain 1-0 following some late-game heroics and sit atop the AFC East. There is still football to be played. So, what could the Jets do at the quarterback position, assuming Rodgers is sidelined for the season?

The immediate plan seems to be to stick with Zach Wilson, but the Jets could still explore any of these realistic (that means no Tom Brady, sorry Jets fan) quarterback options either now or in the near future.

9. The NY Jets could sign Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy was the presumed Week 1 starter for the Arizona Cardinals before the team acquired Josh Dobbs in a trade. Just a few days later, McCoy was surprisingly released before the start of the season.

The 37-year-old has plenty of experience, with 13 NFL seasons under his belt and over 55 career games. He's one of the more appealing options in a thin group of free-agent quarterbacks.

McCoy started three games for the Washington Commanders in 2022, throwing just one touchdown and three interceptions. He did complete over 68 percent of his passes, though, and finished with a respectable 76.6 QBR.

McCoy is far from an appealing option, and he isn't even the best free-agent QB available, but he has experience on his side. That has to count for something when you're looking for a new QB in September.