7 wide receivers the NY Jets can trade for after the Corey Davis retirement

Corey Davis has retired. What now? Who can the Jets trade for?
NY Jets, Davante Adams
NY Jets, Davante Adams / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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4. The NY Jets could trade for Davante Adams

Consider these your pipe dreams. Renfrow is hardly the most notable Raiders wide receiver who has been the subject of trade rumors this offseason. That honor belongs to six-time Pro Bowler Davante Adams.

Adams, of course, has plenty of history with Aaron Rodgers, dating back to their many years together in Green Bay. Rodgers has hinted at a possible Adams trade and would almost certainly be open to the possibility.

It's likely that Adams would as well. That said, it would take a seriously disastrous start and/or some Adams discontent for the Raiders to consider trading him. He's not a realistic option at this stage.

Of course, that could change as the season progresses. For now, however, an Adams trade is little more than a pipe dream.

3. The NY Jets could trade for Mike Evans

The same could be said for the possibility of a Mike Evans trade. Evans remains one of the most underrated star wide receivers in recent NFL history. The four-time Pro Bowler has quite literally never finished with fewer than 1,000 yards in his nine seasons in the NFL.

Evans is a bonafide superstar, but with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers entering a transitional period, there has been some talk that he could be an expensive trade chip at the deadline.

Evans is set to be a free agent at the end of the season, meaning that the Bucs could very well look to get something for him. That probably makes him a more realistic trade candidate than Adams.

Again, a pre-season Evans trade remains unlikely, but it's very much a possibility if the Bucs predictably struggle and the Jets are still looking for wide receiver help at the deadline.