NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers loves Garrett Wilson and hints at Davante Adams trade

Aaron Rodgers sure loves the No. 17
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers may be wearing the No. 8 with his new team, but his favorite number may very well be No. 17. Take it from the man himself.

Rodgers shared a post to his Instagram story on Wednesday that featured the four-time MVP alongside Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson. The caption read, "Always love my 17s," and Rodgers tagged both Wilson and Davante Adams in the post.

Of course, Adams, who has worn the No. 17 throughout his NFL career, formed one of the best quarterback/wide receiver duos in football alongside Rodgers for years in Green Bay. Rodgers is hoping that Wilson can help fill that void.

The Rodgers/Wilson connection has been the talk of training camp for the Jets. Rodgers has gone out of his way on a number of occasions to praise Wilson, insisting that the reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year will be widely seen as a superstar by the end of the year.

What's notable about the post, though, is who Rodgers tagged. There has been a little smoke around the Jets possibly trading for one of Rodgers' longtime teammates at some point this season. Both Adams and curiously Packers star left tackle David Bakhtiari were tagged in the post.

Did Aaron Rodgers just hint at a possible NY Jets for Davante Adams?

While this smoke has been little more than speculation and rumors to this point, some are ready to believe in the possibility. SNY's Connor Hughes is apparently one of those people. Hughes predicts that Adams will end up on the Jets before the end of the season.

Trading for Adams would be a costly venture for the Jets, and there's really no reason the Las Vegas Raiders would be looking to move him. At best, it's probably little more than a pipedream for Jets fans. But sometimes, it's fun to dream.

Either way, what is clear is that Wilson has quickly earned the trust of his new quarterback. The two haven't even played in a game together, and Rodgers has already compared him to arguably the best wide receiver in football on a number of occasions.

That's high praise, and it's not something Rodgers offers up often. When he speaks this highly about Wilson, he means it. Anyone following Jets training camp this summer would realize that too. This Jets offense doesn't work without Wilson, and Rodgers knows it.

The Jets hope that the Aaron Rodgers/Garrett Wilson connection can rival the years of elite production the Packers got out of Rodgers and Adams. Rodgers seems to believe that's exactly what will happen.