7 players likely playing their final game with the NY Jets on Sunday

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
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2. Jarrad Davis, LB, NY Jets

The Jets surprised some people when they made former Detroit Lions draft bust Jarrad Davis one of their first signings of the offseason. The hope was that the Jets would be able to harness Davis' natural talents and maximize his potential in New York.

Instead, the Jets have seen exactly what Detroit saw for the last four years. Davis is a flawed player whose athletic gifts are overshadowed by poor technique and a lack of overall refinement.

He returned from a preseason ankle injury only to find himself benched just a few weeks later in favor of waiver-wire pickup Quincy Williams.

Given that the Jets only signed Davis to a one-year deal, it's very hard to see them actually bringing him back. Expect them to just bite the bullet on this one.

3. Keelan Cole, WR, NY Jets

Denzel Mims isn't the only wide receiver the Jets are likely moving on from after this season. In fact, Keelan Cole isn't even the last receiver on this list.

Much like Jarrad Davis, Cole was signed to a one-year deal in the offseason, although there was a legitimate reason to believe that he could be very solid depth for the Jets. Unfortunately, he's fallen well short of expectations.

Cole has just 25 catches for 395 yards and no touchdowns despite starting 10 games and playing 529 snaps, just two behind Jamison Crowder for the most of any receiver on the roster.

Cole has been a nonfactor in most games and has been almost as much of a liability as Mims. It's probably safe to say the Jets will look for better depth this offseason.