7 free agent QBs the NY Jets can sign as upgrades over Zach Wilson

Almost anyone would be an upgrade at this point...
NY Jets, Carson Wentz
NY Jets, Carson Wentz / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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2. The NY Jets can sign Colt McCoy

The most obvious and likely quarterback addition for the Jets is Colt McCoy. The Jets have reportedly reached out to two quarterbacks at the time of writing — Chad Henne and McCoy.

Henne, who retired this offseason, has no interest in returning to the NFL. That leaves McCoy as the most likely signing the Jets could make.

The 13-year NFL veteran was set to start for the Arizona Cardinals as of less than a month ago. In six starts with the Cardinals over the last two seasons, McCoy completed a whopping 71 percent of his passes, throwing four touchdowns and four interceptions.

He's hardly the most exciting option, but there's no doubt that McCoy would be an upgrade over Wilson. McCoy is a perfectly capable NFL QB, which is exactly what the Jets need right now.

1. The NY Jets can sign Carson Wentz

There is no better quarterback option for the Jets in free agency than Carson Wentz. The former No. 2 overall pick has seen his stock plummet over the last few seasons, but despite his recent struggles, it is surprising that he's not on an NFL roster.

Wentz is just two years removed from a genuinely good season with the Colts in 2021, in which he finished with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Wentz completed over 62 percent of his passes and averaged 6.9 yards per attempt that season.

His 2022 season with the Commanders was a significant step back, but Wentz is still, at worst, a high-end backup. There likely aren't 32 quarterbacks better than him at this stage.

Wentz is a mistake-proven, volatile quarterback who can lose his team games, but he also has the highest upside of any quarterback on the open market. If the Jets are serious about competing this season, they'll return Wentz's call.