7 free agent QBs the NY Jets can sign as upgrades over Zach Wilson

Almost anyone would be an upgrade at this point...
NY Jets, Carson Wentz
NY Jets, Carson Wentz / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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6. The NY Jets can sign Joe Flacco

Another former Jets quarterback who remains unsigned is veteran Joe Flacco. Flacco has spent the better part of the last three seasons with the Jets, and he's made it clear that he isn't ready to hang up the cleats just yet.

There's no denying he would be an upgrade over Wilson, either. In quite literally the same offense, with the same supporting cast, Flacco has posted better career numbers with the Jets than — and it isn't particularly close.

In fact, Flacco is statistically the best quarterback that Robert Saleh has coached during his time with the Jets. That's not saying much (or really anything), but it is true.

Flacco may be a statue in the pocket, but he can at least operate an NFL offense. That's better than anything Wilson can do right now.

5. The NY Jets can sign Nick Foles

Nick Foles in 2023 isn't the same Nick Foles who made the Pro Bowl in 2013 or who helped lead his team to a miraculous Super Bowl win in 2018. That said, he would undoubtedly be an upgrade over Wilson.

Foles started two games for the Indianapolis Colts last season and was quite bad. He failed to throw a single touchdown, finishing with four interceptions and a sub-60 completion percentage.

That said, he found a bit more success with his previous stints in Chicago and Jacksonville. Foles is a below-average backup quarterback at this stage, but that's still better than what the Jets are getting from Wilson.

He wouldn't be a solution. He likely wouldn't move the needle much. But he would be an upgrade, and that's what the Jets should be looking for.