Analyzing 5 potential starting quarterbacks for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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4. Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill has been at the center of trade rumors recently and the Jets certainly appear to like what he brings to the table. What the Jets were missing this season was (at the very least) a game manager who could make the throws and take care of the football.

Tannehill has revitalized his career since taking over in Tennessee, but there are a couple of serious red flags despite the success he's had.

First, he revitalized his career with Arthur Smith as his offensive coordinator. Once Smith left for Atlanta, Tannehill's numbers (and play) dropped off. He went from a 33 TD/7 INT performance in 2020 to a 21 TD/14 INT season in 2021 and then a 13 TD/6 INT season in 2022.

More importantly, in that 2020 season, Tannehill posted a 72.6 QBR (the stat that grades how you individually contribute to your team). In 2021, he dropped down to a 55.9, and then this season he dropped even further down to a 49.2.

Ryan Tannehill with Arthur Smith equals success. Ryan Tannehill without Arthur Smith equals serious mediocrity.

Final point — Tannehill has been touted for his performance in the regular season, but it was made crystal clear in the 2021 playoffs that he was not a playoff-made quarterback as he single-handedly cost the Titans the Bengals game as he threw three key interceptions that set Evan McPherson up to win it.

Had Tannehill thrown just one less interception, we would be talking about the 2021-22 Chiefs/Titans AFC Championship Game instead of a Chiefs/Bengals one. Hey, perhaps the Chiefs have three Super Bowls by now instead of two.

They can thank Ryan Tannehill for that.

Tannehill is decent. With weapons, he'll keep things locked down. But if you want a quarterback who will take it to the next level, or you want a quarterback who's going to carry you in the playoff, unfortunately, he is not that guy.