5 QBs who could've saved the NY Jets season after Aaron Rodgers injury

The Jets should've made a move at QB
NY Jets, Josh Dobbs
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4. The NY Jets could've signed Joe Flacco

For all the criticism Joe Flacco might have gotten for his time with the Jets, he put up some pretty impressive numbers, all things considered. The former Baltimore Ravens QB finished his Jets career with 14 touchdowns and just six interceptions in nine starts.

Flacco averaged 6-7 yards per attempt over three years with the Jets, earning a quarterback rating of 81.5 in the process. Was he a particularly good quarterback? Not necessarily. But those are numbers the Jets can only dream of right now.

Flacco was signed by the Browns last month, and he played well in his first start with the team this past Sunday. Of course, he's in a very different situation, but Flacco proved that he can still play at the NFL level.

The biggest downside to Flacco at this stage is his lack of mobility, which could have caused troubles behind an injury-riddled Jets offensive line. Still, it's hard to believe he wouldn't have been a better addition than Siemian, especially given his history with the organization.

3. The NY Jets could've signed Carson Wentz

It's hard to believe Carson Wentz wasn't more coveted as a backup quarterback this offseason. Perhaps it has something to do with the perceived attitude concerns that plagued his time in Indianapolis and later Washington, but from a pure talent perspective, Wentz is good enough to play in this league.

The former first-round pick was quietly pretty good as a starter for the Colts in 2021. Wentz finished that season with 27 touchdowns and just seven interceptions, completing over 62 percent of his passes.

His stint with the Commanders didn't go as well, but the volatile Wentz is undoubtedly a better quarterback than any healthy option on the Jets' roster right now.

Yes, he'll have his fair share of gaffes, but his talent alone would provide an upside to the Jets' offense that hasn't existed this season. Wentz showed interest in the Jets, but they ultimately passed. Now, he's backing up Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles.