5 positive takeaways from the NY Jets 2022 offseason

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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This past offseason was one of the most important in recent NY Jets history as the team had the chance, with plenty of cap space and draft capital, to make significant additions to this roster that would not only help in the present but moving forward as well.

Thankfully, while Joe Douglas didn't land a true superstar name, he made some fantastic signings that will help this team in the near and distant future. He also put together one of if not the best draft class in Jets history, with four hopeful long-term starters taken in the first 36 picks.

All this is great, and Jets fans should certainly be optimistic heading into the 2022 season, but unless the team can show it on the field, all of this from Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh will be for nothing. That makes this one of the most important seasons in franchise history.

This offseason was certainly a ride filled with plenty of positives, but also unfortunately the negatives of injuries. Today, however, we are going to take a look at the good side, and analyze five of the biggest positives from the Jets' offseason.

5. The NY Jets avoided any significant drama

Sure, Zach Wilson may have made headlines weeks ago for a reason that garnered plenty of attention, but it ended up endearing him to his team, the NFL, and even mainstream media. Beyond that though, this has been a drama-free offseason in the Big Apple.

Considering what some other teams have been through with players making foolish decisions off the field, this has to be a huge relief for Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and the Jets organization.

The injury to Mekhi Becton is a shame for No. 77 and this team, and that necessitated the signing of Duane Brown, but unfortunately, injuries are just a part of the game, and there's nothing that can be done about freak accidents like that.

Ultimately, the Jets came out of the offseason with little negative media attention from the wider NFL audience, and if the young players and offseason signings can step up and play their part, that may continue throughout the league season.