5 under-the-radar fits for the NY Jets in 2022 free agency

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Final thoughts on the NY Jets and free agency

There are many players like the five free agents listed in this article whose upside and cost value outweigh the potential risks involved — the perfect kind of risk-reward approach to employ in free agency.

One of the prevailing theories over the years in the NFL draft is that you increase the odds in your favor of landing more quality players than not by having a lot of draft picks.

It's something that Hall Of Fame head coach Jimmy Johnson believed in firmly and applied with great success during his Dallas Cowboys dynasty years in the '90s.

I think that teams like the Jets need to take the same type of approach in free agency. Rather than splurging on two or three free agents, with a few lesser options added on as roster fillers, why not use your cap space to add as many fits to your team as possible?

The Jets can afford to take more risks that have a minimal downside. And the more swings you take when you are up at the plate, the more likely you will get a few hits.

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The Jets can employ this strategy because their roster has many holes to fill, and they can accomplish this by adding multiple players who are system fits that, for whatever reason, other teams will ignore or overlook.