5 NY Jets most affected by the Dalvin Cook signing

Who is most affected by the Dalvin Cook signing?
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook
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1. Breece Hall, RB, NY Jets

Maybe it goes without saying that Breece Hall was the most affected player by Cook's signing. The NFL world was expecting Hall to return to his presumed role as the Jets' bell cow and ascend to elite running back status this season.

I assumed this as well and proclaimed him a candidate to finish as the highest-scoring non-QB in all of fantasy football this season. The addition of Cook pretty much reduces the chances of that happening to nil, but his floor is still remarkably high.

There are plenty who believe that Hall will still be a bell cow and Cook is only there to relieve him, but I'd be shocked if the Jets opted to pay a perennial Pro Bowl player $7 million to simply be a role player — especially when you consider how frugal Joe Douglas has been as Jets GM.

Rodgers said himself that the league has evolved into a committee league, and it's been almost five years since the last time that he didn't have a two-head rushing attack complementing his elite skill set.

With Cook, he has secured perhaps the best duo in football, and now the pressure for Hall to come back is halved, knowing that an experienced veteran is here to shoulder the load with him.

Off the field, it will be invaluable to speak with someone with the resume of Cook, who (just like Hall) tore his ACL in his rookie year.

Cook is a living, breathing testament that an ACL tear that early into your career is far from a death sentence, and I'm sure Hall will benefit greatly from having that type of mentor in the room with him this season.

On the field, there is less pressure to reclaim his bell cow role from last year, and he can ease himself back into full-contact NFL action. Even at full strength, he won't need to resume the extreme usage he's had even dating back to college.

This year will be a nice 'recovery year' for him where he can still have highlight plays and compete for the sport's richest prize without putting his body at the same level of risk as some of his peers.