5 most anticipated games on the 2023 NY Jets schedule

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When the NY Jets acquired Aaron Rodgers this offseason, the expectation was that this team could take a massive leap forward, and unsurprisingly, they've now also been given the opportunity to prove their might, with six prime-time games on the slate for 2023.

After 12 long seasons of waiting, the Jets now have their best chance at breaking the NFL's longest playoff drought, and while the team needs to take the schedule one game at a time, Jets fans can be forgiven if they are looking through the schedule in preparation for the season, even if it is still early May.

With 17 games on the schedule, each and every game means everything to this Jets team, but for the die-hard Jets fans, which games should we be circling on the calendar ahead of time?

5. Week 18 NY Jets vs. New England Patriots

After two decades of dominance, NY Jets fans should be circling each and every matchup against New England on their calendar, and after finally bringing in a veteran Quarterback that won't be fooled by Bill Belichick, they have a good chance to snap their AFC East losing streak against the Pats.

While this is the second game of the season between these teams, it could be the most important as it comes on the final weekend of the season, and with all four AFC East teams looking toward the playoffs, this could end up being a deciding factor in those standings.

With no more Tom Brady, the Jets had the chance to take down New England twice last year, but with sub-standard QB play in both games, they let two wins slip away, so this year, Jets fans will be hoping they can turn the tides in a big way.