5 free agent and NY Jets candidates to replace Corey Davis

Who can the Jets sign to replace Corey Davis?

NY Jets, Jason Brownlee
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2. The NY Jets can sign Julio Jones

Another former Pro Bowler, Julio Jones is in quite a different place in his career compared to Golladay. At age 34, Jones has maybe one season left, and some think he may even retire outright like Davis.

But once again, Jones checks the boxes for what the Jets would be looking for. At 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, Jones is a monster of a human and one of the best receivers of the modern era. Since leaving Atlanta in 2021, Jones has fallen off a cliff, though, posting just 55 catches for 733 yards and three touchdowns across two seasons with Tennessee and Tampa Bay.

However, if Jones can regain any of his form, perhaps boosted by some time off this summer, he could prove to be a weapon for Rodgers and the Jets offense in one final campaign.

In 2020, Jones managed to haul in 51 catches for 771 yards and three scores. If he could do something like that this year, it would be similar to the production Davis would have provided.

3. The NY Jets can sign Sammy Watkins

The final free agent on this list, Watkins fits the mold for what the Jets are after in a veteran wide receiver. Still just 30 years old, only two years older than Davis, and standing 6-foot-1 and 211 pounds, Watkins is another big, physical receiver with proven success in the league.

Watkins bounced around the league last year, appearing in nine games for Green Bay and three games for Baltimore, and only caught 16 passes for 325 yards.

However, it was only in 2020 that Watkins played a meaningful role for the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes. In that season, Watkins caught 37 passes for 421 yards and three scores.

It is not crazy to think that Watkins, playing with another MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback in Rodgers, could at least get to 35 or 40 catches for 400 yards and a few scores.

Being that Watkins would be the third or fourth option for the Jets at receiver, that would be enough to justify the low cost. Additionally, the team would add a proven veteran with tons of playoff experience.