4 under-the-radar wide receivers the NY Jets can trade for

NY Jets, Diontae Johnson
NY Jets, Diontae Johnson / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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If something has been worth highlighting this offseason, barring the obvious signing of free agents all around the country and with all sorts of franchises, that's been the peak in superstar — namely, wide receiver — trades. This could be a fluke, but things aren't seemingly stopping any time soon on this front.

Cleveland kicked the door open by trading for Amari Cooper. Las Vegas acquired Davante Adams pretty much out of nowhere, and our very own NY Jets fell short of landing former Chiefs wideout Tykeer Hill as they saw Miami snatch him, paying a sizable fee to Kansas City in return for his services.

We're still almost two weeks from the 2022 NFL Draft, the offseason barely broke the one-month barrier since the start of the "official" 2022 season year back in March, and anything and everything can still happen before the ball gets thrown for the first time come September.

In other words, are the Jets about to land a bonafide, veteran wideout in the next few weeks and months?

The likes of DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, and A.J. Brown have been making the rounds for days and weeks now. While it feels like they might get moved at some point this summer, odds are whoever gets them would need to pony up some high draft capital to land any of them, not to mention handing out a multi-year, multi-million extension.

Would the Jets have enough firepower and will to pull any of those moves off? Would they prefer to bring a low-cost option as a bridge between the current iteration of the roster and the one to come in two/three seasons when development has been achieved and the team is ready to content?

We're exploring that latter option today, with different low-key players hitting free agency next season that could follow the steps of Hill/Adams/Cooper and end up getting traded through the next few months.