4 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Steelers in Week 4: Zach Wilson edition

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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After a shaky first three weeks, the NY Jets have many questions to answer in their Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There has been plenty of talk all week about how the return of Zach Wilson this week won't fix everything for the Jets. While this may be true, quarterback play overwhelmingly dictates the outcome for teams in the NFL.

The offense surrounding Wilson and even the defensive performance can help to put the second-year quarterback in a good spot for his 2022 season debut.

As his long-awaited return to the football field is finally here, let's take a look at the most important question the team needs to answer when it comes to the hopeful franchise quarterback Zach Wilson.

1. How will Zach Wilson's injury and time away affect his play?

Most Jets fans will be understandably nervous when Wilson trots onto the field for the first drive against the Steelers. The Jets organization and fans have invested a lot into a player that still has much to prove at the most important position in sports.

Once Wilson went down in the first preseason game, the thought of him suiting back up as soon as this game was hard to imagine. He has been present in meetings and ramping himself back up physically but he still has yet to play more than a handful of snaps against a real opponent since early 2021.

On one side, there is the idea of rust being a factor in which case an expectation of "figuring it out" during the game will be there in Pittsburgh.

On the other side, Wilson now has three weeks of film and data to see what could be improved with better decision-making and more mobility.

Speaking of mobility, Saleh preached that Wilson will be back only when he is fully healthy. Wilson's health will likely get tested often in this one with the state of the offensive line (more on that later).

If Wilson has fully recovered from his injury and has been locked in on what improvements could be made from an execution standpoint at the quarterback position after seeing Flacco's mistakes, the Jets could see a solid performance from Wilson out of the gate.