4 overrated free agents still available NY Jets must avoid

The Jets should stay away from these free agents
Justin Simmons
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4. The NY Jets should steer clear of signing center Connor Williams

There are some who believe the Jets should pursue former Miami Dolphins center Connor Williams to replace talented second-year center Joe Tippman. The Jet Press's own Justin Fried broke down why that idea holds little water.

If Williams were a serious target, then it would be to move Tippman back to guard and put newly signed guard John Simpson on the bench. While on paper that might be an upgrade, in practice, it still might not be the best idea.

First, let's talk about Williams as a player. He's been a very good center now for the last four seasons, first with the Dallas Cowboys and then the Miami Dolphins. As a player, he's consistently been a better run blocker than a pass blocker as his PFF grades suggest.

At just 27 years old, Williams is just entering the prime of his career and it's possible that he reaches even greater heights. So why exactly is it that the Jets shouldn't be interested in an established talent who is still ascending, especially at a crucial offensive line position?

Well, the short answer is that Williams suffered an ACL tear last December that will keep him out of action until the very end of the regular season at the earliest, and potentially not until the playoffs. Even then, it may take him some time to round into form.

The offensive line is the most symbiotic position group in the game. The way the unit functions as a whole, the communication, the trust, and the collaboration amongst all five players is crucial and the chemistry they develop can raise the floor or lower the ceiling of the group.

Introducing a new player in late December or early January could through off that chemistry, as could switching a talented young player in Tippman from one position to another.

The Jets have already seen how the constant positional flip-flopping has caused issues for young stud offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker, so they'd be wise to avoid the same mistakes with Tippman.

Some team will sign a heck of a player in Connor Williams, and he may end up being an offensive line anchor for years to come. But that team shouldn't be the Jets. With Super Bowl aspirations playing with offensive line chemistry is a game too dangerous to justify the payoff.

The above players are all big names that fans dream about adding to their favorite team. However, each carries its own red flags. Injuries, age, and performance decline are the reasons they're all still on the market, and for one reason or another, each is a questionable fit for the 2024 Jets given their aspirations.

There are still players out there that can fortify depth and fill important roles for the Jets in 2024, but the four aforementioned players, despite being some of the biggest names remaining, aren't it.