4 biggest mistakes NY Jets GM Joe Douglas made this offseason

Joe Douglas deserves a lot of blame for the team's offensive struggles

NY Jets, Joe Douglas
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Say what you want about Joe Douglas, but the NY Jets general manager has managed to completely overhaul an inept roster and set his organization up for future success with a host of core building blocks.

But for all his successes as a general manager, Douglas absolutely deserves to shoulder a large portion of the blame for the Jets' offensive struggles this season.

Douglas' moves (or lack thereof) this offseason set the offense up for failure, regardless of the unfortunate Aaron Rodgers injury. While he deserves praise for the Rodgers acquisition, all things considered, it was not a banner offseason for the Jets GM.

Which of his offseason decisions have negatively impacted the Jets the most? Here's a look at Douglas' four biggest blunders from the 2023 offseason.

4. Hiring a poor offensive coaching staff

This section comes with a caveat. If the Jets don't hire offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, there's a good chance they don't even land Aaron Rodgers in the first place. That part has to be taken into consideration.

Still, Hackett has been a net negative for the Jets through nine weeks. He ran Mecole Hardman out of town, has made a number of other questionable personnel decisions, and, for the most part, his play-calling and weekly game plans have been uninspired.

It's not just Hackett, though. Passing game coordinator (and essentially Hackett's right-hand man) Todd Downing was a lackluster hire. Under Downing, the Tennessee Titans passing game ranked bottom-10 in consecutive seasons (fourth-worst in 2022).

Fellow former Titans coach, offensive line coach Keith Carter, was ousted after a public dispute with players. The Jets' offensive coaching staff stinks and Douglas absolutely deserves to share some of that blame.