Ranking the 4 best offensive coordinator candidates for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Greg Olson
NY Jets, Greg Olson / Jason Allen/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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The NY Jets have already conducted interviews with a total of six candidates for their vacant offensive coordinator position, and it's likely that there are more coming in the future.

The likes of Nathaniel Hackett, Brian Johnson, Kevin Patullo, Marcus Brady, Nick Caley, and Chad O'Shea have all already interviewed for the position. On top of that, the team showed interest in the likes of Darrell Bevell and Bill Callahan but were rejected by both.

The Jets have also been connected to quite a few other candidates who are yet to interview at the time of writing. It's possible that those connections won't extend beyond speculation, but it's also certainly possible the Jets bring them in to interview.

The moral of the story is that the Jets are casting a wide net (coaching cycle buzz phrase, I know) in their search for Mike LaFleur's candidate. The team has publicly stated that they're willing to explore new schemes, and it's clear that there's no experience requirement.

The Jets have interviewed experienced candidates like Hackett and inexperienced candidates like Johnson and Caley. The team just wants a good OC, their background isn't as important.

Unfortunately, the list of candidates the Jets have interviewed so far can best be described as...uninspiring. Is there a saving grace among the group? Are there other potential candidates that are more appealing?

That's what we're set to analyze today. This list will only include realistic candidates who have been connected to the Jets, though. I know many fans would sign up for a Todd Monken hire, but there's been no indication that there's a connection between the two sides at the time of writing.

With that, let's rank the four most appealing offensive coordinator candidates the Jets could realistically hire.