3 weakest position groups on the NY Jets roster entering 2024

What's the weakest position group on the Jets' roster?
Ashtyn Davis
Ashtyn Davis / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

This is admittedly a tough list to make — the NY Jets roster is completely loaded. There are very few flaws to pick at, if any. The position groups on this list will not represent a bad position group, as the Jets don't really have one of those. Rather, these will just be the weakest position groups they have to offer.

With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, and a proven veteran in Tyrod Taylor backing him up, quarterback is one of the strongest position groups on the team.

With Jermaine Johnson, Haason Reddick (we hope), and Will McDonald, defensive end is a strong position group. And with Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed, and Michael Carter II, the Jets likely have the best cornerback room in the NFL.

These are positions that could benefit from an addition or maybe a slight upgrade, but again, none are weak, which Jets fans should be happy about. This list is simply, in no particular order, the position groups that have some room for improvement.

1. Running back

  • Breece Hall, Braelon Allen, Isaiah Davis, Israel Abanikanda, Tarik Cohen, Xazavian Valladay

There is no doubt that Jets fans, coaches, and executives are more than happy with Breece Hall on the team. It's the depth that puts this group on this list. Outside of Hall, the running back room encompasses two rookies and a second-year guy who struggled immensely in his rookie season.

It will be interesting to see who becomes the primary backup for the Jets. Rookie Braelon Allen has emerged as the most likely candidate following spring workouts, but you never know how a rookie will turn out, which Israel Abanikanda showed everyone last year.

Speaking of Abanikanda, he is listed as the fourth running back on the roster behind another rookie in fifth-round pick Isaiah Davis out of South Dakota State.

Abanikanda is hoping he even has a job in New York by the start of the season. At the same time, however, he also has a chance to be the full-time No. 2 running back. That's how up in the air everything is at the position.

Hopefully for the Jets, it won't matter all that much how it shakes out. Ideally, Breece Hall will carry the load enough that it won't be that crucial who gets the additional snaps.

But we have already seen Hall miss most of a season due to injury. Depth does matter. That puts this position group on the bottom tier for the Jets simply due to inexperience and uncertainty.

2. Safety

  • Tony Adams, Chuck Clark, Ashtyn Davis, Isaiah Oliver, Jaylen Key, Jarrick Bernard-Converse, Jarius Monroe, Al Blades Jr.

This position group's issue is that it is one big question mark. Whether it's injuries, youth, or just general uncertainty, we don't know what we are getting from any of the guys in this group.

Chuck Clark has the resume to be an exceptional starting safety. He has been one for the past several years in Baltimore, but after being traded to the Jets in 2023, Clark failed to ever see the field in a game, tearing his ACL in practice before the season started.

If he is in full health and feels good, he should be a massive piece of the Jets defensive puzzle, but we really just don't know. There's also third-year safety Tony Adams who is still unproven as a starter, although he showed progress throughout the 2023 season.

Behind them is Ashtyn Davis. Having been inconsistent at best, Davis' first four seasons have been a disappointment for the Jets. It's not that the talent isn't there. He shows signs of being a menace in the middle of the field, but we have not seen it consistently.

The rest of the room is composed of veteran cornerback-convert Isaiah Oliver and a host of unproven young players such as 2023 sixth-round pick Jarrick Bernard-Converse and 2024 Mr. Irrelevant Jaylen Key.

The Jets are hoping Clark and Adams will be fine and that Davis will take another step forward, but we will have to see it all play out to know for sure.

3. Wide Receiver

  • Garrett Wilson, Mike Williams, Malachi Corley, Xavier Gipson, Allen Lazard, Jason Brownlee, Irvin Charles, Lance McCutcheon, Tyler Harrell, Marcus Riley, Hamze El-Zayat

If everyone stays healthy and plays up to their potential, this should be a really solid group for the Jets. It will also help that Aaron Rodgers will be the one throwing to them all season (knock on wood).

That said, there are still some question marks with this group. For one, will Mike Williams stay healthy? He hasn't been able to in recent years. Also, is Malachi Corley going to be what the Jets believe he is?

The Jets have had rookie receivers flame out badly in the past — will Corley buck that trend? And lastly, is Allen Lazard going to give the team anything this year? Early signs aren't promising.

We all know that Garrett Wilson is a stud. The only thing that could trip him up is his health. But how do we feel about Mike Williams' ability to play a full season? Personally, I can't say I feel great about it.

He has battled injuries over the past few seasons and is currently rehabbing an ACL tear. And no one has much confidence in Lazard turning things around following a disastrous 2023 season.

If Williams stays healthy, the Jets are set at the first two spots. A lot will depend on what Corley becomes. Xavier Gipson is what he is and Lazard can't be depended on. For this position group to be elite, Corley will have to be a solid No. 3 and Williams will have to stay on the field.