3 ways the NY Jets can upset the Cleveland Browns in Week 2

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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The NY Jets travel to Cleveland this week to take on the 1-0 Browns after dropping a tough home opener to the Baltimore Ravens in a 24-9 effort.

Although Week 1 ultimately ended in a disappointing loss for the Jets, there are still many positives the team can carry over into this second week to hopefully fuel a potential road upset over a very beatable Browns team.

The Ravens have an electric offense led by Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews and this young Jets defense in its second season under Robert Saleh was able to limit a notoriously-fast-starting team to just 24 points in total.

One would think a downgrade in opponent, at least from an offensive standpoint this week in the Browns, could bear a successful afternoon from the young Jets on the heels of a sneaky-good defensive performance in Week 1.

Here are three ways the Jets can pull off the upset this week:

1. The NY Jets must limit the Browns' rushing attack

"Thanks, Captain obvious" may be your immediate response to seeing number one here, but in the case of this particular Jets/Browns matchup, stopping the run is not only what the Jets need to do, it's also something they just proved they can do.

The Ravens predicate their offense around the run game of Lamar Jackson, and the Jets managed to hold Lamar to just 17 yards on six attempts.

They made Jackson beat them with the passing game, and comparing the passing prowess of Jackson to someone like a backup quarterback such as Jacoby Brissett, if you're able to limit the run game of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, perhaps that passing attack that got you last week with the Ravens doesn't get you this week with Brissett and the Browns.

The Jets held one of the best runners in football to virtually nothing in the run department in Week 1 — something many thought this team would really struggle with this year. There is now no reason you can't once again go out there and hold down another elite runner in Nick Chubb if you're the Jets.

You just proved that you can!

Go out there, get after it with the same plan of attack hammering down on that run game and make Jacoby Brissett beat you with his arm.