3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Derek Carr

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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The NY Jets have been connected to a variety of quarterbacks over the last few weeks, and one of the players most heavily tied to Jets rumors has been Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Unlike the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Jimmy Garoppolo, etc., Carr's situation has a set timetable. The four-time Pro Bowler will either be traded or released by next Wednesday, Feb. 15.

A large portion (over $40 million) of Carr's remaining contract becomes guaranteed on that date, so the Raiders will be forced to make a move prior to next Wednesday. That presents an interesting situation for inquiring teams.

The belief as of earlier in the week was that Carr was likely set to be released prior to Feb. 15. However, the New Orleans Saints have emerged as a potential trade partner, with Carr visiting with the team on Wednesday.

The teams have reportedly agreed to terms on the framework of a potential deal, although no trade has been finalized. Still, with New Orleans entering the fray, Carr's timeline may have been accelerated.

If other teams want to land Carr, they might not be able to wait until he's released. But where do the Jets stand in this situation?

The Jets have made it abundantly clear that Aaron Rodgers is their preferred quarterback target, but there's an inherent risk involved with waiting for Rodgers to decide on his NFL future. The biggest risk, of course, is missing out on Carr.

It still seems unlikely that Carr is traded as of the time of writing, but the odds significantly increased once the Saints got involved. If he is traded, what might it cost to acquire him?

Let's take a look at three possible trade packages the Jets can offer for Derek Carr.