3 realistic trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Deebo Samuel

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

1. NY Jets offer the Tyreek Hill trade package for Deebo Samuel

Any trade package the Jets are willing to offer for a wide receiver this offseason has to begin with the proposal they extended to the Kansas City Chiefs for Tyreek Hill.

The Jets reportedly had an offer on the table for Hill that included both of their second-round picks (35 and 38) as well as their third-round pick (69). The Chiefs accepted that deal.

Of course, Hill ultimately chose to join the Miami Dolphins instead for a similar package, but the Jets know that this offer was enough to land arguably a top-three wide receiver in football.

The Jets seem to be very hesitant to move either of their first-round picks — and that makes sense. If they could land Hill without giving up one of those top-10 picks, why should they offer more for another receiver?

This trade package is still incredibly valuable too. It's not as if they're not offering the equivalent of a first-round pick. Using the standard Jimmy Johnson trade chart, this package is worth the equivalent of that 10th overall pick. In fact, it's slightly more valuable.

As for the 49ers, right now, it doesn't sound like they're prepared to accept such an offer. But again, things can change in a hurry. Samuel remains dead set on never playing for the 49ers again, and there's no guarantee an offer like this will be on the table post-draft.

This is a trade the Jets would very likely do, and one the 49ers might eventually have to warm up to.