3 star wide receivers the NY Jets can trade for this season

Which star wide receivers could the Jets trade for?
NY Jets, Mike Evans
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2. The NY Jets could trade for Davante Adams

This is the pipe dream. The Las Vegas Raiders have no incentive to trade Davante Adams at this time. The Raiders are genuinely hoping to compete in 2023, even if they downgraded at quarterback this offseason.

Adams remains one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and is coming off his third consecutive 1,300+ yard season. If the Raiders are competitive this season, it's hard to envision Adams getting traded.

There's a very real chance, however, that the Raiders fall short of expectations again in 2023. Jimmy Garoppolo is a downgrade from Derek Carr. This Raiders roster still has a myriad of holes, and they'll be forced to contend in a difficult AFC West.

If the Raiders start the year 2-5, perhaps they could consider an Adams trade — especially if their star wide receiver has anything to say about it.

Adams was excited to join the Raiders because it meant he would be reuniting with college teammate Derek Carr. With Carr now gone, there isn't a lot keeping Adams happy in Las Vegas. Why not try to reunite with another former teammate, Aaron Rodgers, in New York?

If Adams is going to be traded, the Jets absolutely make the most sense. Rodgers and Adams formed quite the connection during their time in Green Bay, and the Jets obviously have a need at the position.

Adams is the trickiest trade target on this list from a financial perspective. He's still under contract through 2026 with cap hits of $36.25 million in 2025 and 2026 for any team looking to trade for him. It would also require the Raiders to eat a significant amount of dead cap.

Both of the other players on this list make more sense as midseason trade candidates, but you can't overlook the Rodgers factor. A reunion is not out of the question.