3 outside-the-box backup QB options for the NY Jets

Which outside-the-box backup QB options could the Jets explore?

Tyrod Taylor
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1. The NY Jets could sign Josh Dobbs

During the 2023 Season, there was a moment when the Jets faced scrutiny for not acquiring Josh Dobbs following Rodgers' injury, prompting speculation about revisiting this scenario in the upcoming offseason.

In his 13 starts last year, Dobbs' statistics were not extraordinary, with a completion rate of 62.8 percent, 13 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

However, despite his modest stats, Dobbs delivered memorable performances, notably his come-from-behind victory against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 9.

With experience playing for four different teams over the past four years, Dobbs is familiar with adjusting to new organizations, making him potentially receptive to learning from Rodgers.

While Dobbs may not secure a starting role elsewhere unless unforeseen circumstances arise, securing a position as a backup quarterback with stability could be advantageous for him this year.

While he may possess more talent than Tim Boyle, Dobbs fits the mold of a reliable backup, which seems to align with Rodgers' preferences.

Consequently, Dobbs could present the Jets with a cost-effective option — one that fans might readily accept as the backup for the upcoming season.