3 outside-the-box backup QB options for the NY Jets

Which outside-the-box backup QB options could the Jets explore?

Tyrod Taylor
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2. The NY Jets could sign Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor may have started five games last year for the New York Giants, but he's clearly established himself as a backup quarterback at this stage of his career.

With a career record of 28-28-1, he possesses the experience and skill to step in and support the roster in the event of an injury to Rodgers while fully understanding and embracing his role as a backup.

Having spent the past two years with the Giants, Taylor wouldn't need to uproot his life if he were to sign with the Jets, which could be advantageous for both parties. While NFL players earn substantial salaries, the familiarity of staying in the same city can still be a positive factor to consider.

I've long admired Taylor's abilities, and under different circumstances, he might have had a more prolonged stint as a starting quarterback. Unfortunately, injuries and other challenges have prevented that from materializing.

As Taylor approaches 35 years old ahead of the 2024 season, he may not have many seasons left in him. However, if he desires to continue competing in a supportive environment, joining the Jets could be an excellent fit for him.

While the Jets are optimistic about Rodgers' health for the upcoming season, having Taylor on the roster provides valuable insurance. He brings a wealth of experience as a veteran player who understands his role but remains prepared to step up if needed.

As such, Taylor should undoubtedly be a priority target for the Jets in their offseason signings.