3 options the NY Jets have at quarterback after Derek Carr signed

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal
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3. The NY Jets can sign Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo has been connected to Jets rumors dating back to last year at this point, although he's been firmly in the "fallback option" category for most of the offseason.

Garoppolo made more sense for the Jets with Mike LaFleur as offensive coordinator, given his familiarity with that offense. But if disaster strikes and the Jets miss out on their preferred options, they might not have a choice.

Garoppolo is the only quarterback on this list guaranteed to be available. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is set to be a free agent this offseason after another injury-riddled season out west.

Garoppolo has now missed considerable time due to injury in three of the last five seasons and has statistically never been anything more than a league-average quarterback in the most QB-friendly scheme in the NFL.

There are legitimate reasons to be concerned with the Jets relying on Garoppolo as their starter in 2023. That said, he's probably the most appealing contingency plan remaining at this point.

Garoppolo is a starting-caliber quarterback who, if healthy, could absolutely help lead the Jets to the playoffs in 2023. It might make sense to pair Garoppolo with a developmental quarterback in the draft, perhaps someone like Tennessee's Hendon Hooker.

Ending up with Garoppolo would be a failure, given the other options the Jets had to upgrade this offseason, but it wouldn't be an unmitigated disaster. This is the disappointing fallback scenario.