3 NY Jets who secured a roster spot in preseason loss vs. Buccaneers

These Jets will likely be sticking around.
New York Jets v Carolina Panthers
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1. WR Jason Brownlee

Both Brownlee and Xavier Gipson have played so well that it seemed like a virtual certainty Joe Douglas will choose to keep six wide receivers on the roster. If the Jets can only afford to keep one of these players, Brownlee's playmaking ability should be enough to give him the edge over Gipson.

Brownlee finished with a team-high 50 yards on four catches, showing that the plays he made in earlier preseason matchups and in practice can be replicated quite frequently in game situations. Even without great speed, Brownlee has shown to be quite effective as a downfield vertical threat.

Jason Brownlee needs to stay with the NY Jets.

While he doesn't have great special teams potential or the ability to be as good in short-yardage YAC situations as Gipson, Aaron Rodgers has often thrived throwing to bigger boundary receivers who can win 50/50 balls. Brownlee could be Rodgers' latest UDFA success story.

With Corey Davis getting older and more injury-prone in addition to Randall Cobb being a shell of his former self, there is a reasonable pathway to playing time for Brownlee in 2023. If he dominates the Giants in the preseason finale, his spot will be all but confirmed.