3 key matchups to watch in the NY Jets' Week 5 game against the Dolphins

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams
NY Jets, Quinnen Williams / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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The goal for the NY Jets in 2022 is to play meaningful games in December. For that to happen, the Jets need to do something they haven't accomplished in recent years — and that's winning games in the early part of their season. It's a small sample, but the mission has been achieved so far.

The truth is that it's been a long time since the Jets have played meaningful games in October, let alone December. But here we are, five weeks into the regular season, New York is 2-2, playing the 3-1 Miami Dolphins for a potential share of first place depending on what happens with the Buffalo Bills.

Regardless, being at .500 at this point of the season is a positive development for the green and white. Baby steps.

Last week, the three matchups mentioned in this column proved to be deciding factors. Corey Davis capitalized on his matchup with the Steelers' cornerbacks, Diontae Johnson was limited to only two catches, and the Jets re-re-revamped offensive line held their ground against the Steelers' pass rush.

If any of those three things go the other way, Pittsburgh wins the game.

The Dolphins/Jets game on Sunday at MetLife Stadium has its fair share of intriguing individual matchups, but the clash of styles between former colleagues holds the most intrigue.

Specifically, Mike McDaniel's Shanahan-inspired offense with a unique twist versus Robert Saleh's inspired defense run by Jeff Ulbrich. McDaniel spent several years practicing against Saleh's defense in San Francisco and the other way around. As a result, it will make for a unique chess match from familiar friends now turned foes in Week 5.

Three specific matchups could help determine who wins Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Jets, and here they are.