3 best matchups NY Jets fans must circle on 2024 schedule

The Jets have multiple big primetime games coming up
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The NY Jets have officially released their 2024 schedule, and the team's poor 2023 campaign may have helped them out by pre-empting a third-place schedule in Aaron Rodgers' return. Could this lead to an improvement on their 7-10 mark from last season?

The Jets are eyeing not only their first postseason birth in over a decade, but also a postseason run that could help them eventually slip a ring on their finger. The Jets will need a little bit of luck to realize that dream, but they certainly have the roster needed to make it happen.

The Jets have three games on the schedule that look like premier matchups the rest of the league will keep an eye on. Even with six primetime games and a duel against the Vikings in London, the Jets should pay extra attention to these three contests.

NY Jets schedule 2024: 3 best matchups fans must watch

Week 1 @ San Francisco 49ers (MNF)

The 49ers will welcome New York to their Santa Clara digs to begin the season in a matchup that is just about the worst possible scenario for the Jets. Not only will they begin the season back on Monday Night against Rodgers' old nemesis, but they will play arguably the best team in the league.

Playing the favorites in the NFC will be tough enough, but playing against Kyle Shanahan, who may know Robert Saleh's defense as well as anyone else in the league, could lead to a less-than-stifling performance. At least the Jets will figure out where they stand in the NFL right away.

The NY Jets will play the 49ers in Week 1

Perhaps the Jets can catch the 49ers off guard. San Francisco has no idea what a Rodgers-led Jets offense will look like, and the recent offensive line improvements via the draft and free agency should help New York compete with a terrific 49ers defensive line led by Nick Bosa.

There's a case to be made that the Jets and 49ers have the two deepest and most skilled top-to-bottom rosters in the league, and the league wanted to make sure both of these teams faced off as soon as possible. Saleh will need MVP-level Rodgers to come out if they want any shot of pulling off the upset.