2022 NY Jets spring depth chart preview: Linebackers

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4. What are the biggest training camp storylines to watch for the 2022 NY Jets linebacker group?

There are a few very interesting positional matchups for Jets fans to watch in camp before the 2022 season, and one of the ones flying under the radar is the battle for who will pair Quincy Williams and C.J. Mosley in this starting group.

Hamsah Nasirildeen is seen highly among the Jets front office, but given his overall experience in the NFL and his time with Robert Saleh in San Francisco, it appears that Marcell Harris is the favorite to step up.

A secondary storyline to watch is the potential for the Jets to sign Kwon Alexander, a player they've brought into the building this offseason, and are reportedly interested in adding.

At this point, a signing could come any day, but if the Jets are confident with the group they've got now, they could save that money until the deadline to give themselves flexibility.

5. Predictions for the 2022 NY Jets linebacker group?

Statistically, it's hard to predict what a linebacker group will do, but given the relative youth and explosiveness on this team, we can see plenty of good mixed with plenty of bad for this unit in 2022.

Given the group's lack of experience in the NFL, it's hard to say exactly what type of statistical output there will be, as we can see some guys stepping up and making big plays. But as a whole, pedestrian is probably the best word to describe the outlook.

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With Mosley leading the group, however, don't be surprised if they step up and play some good games, but with a difficult stretch of games to start the year, most Jets fans will be happy if the linebackers can step up and help somewhat stifle some incredible aerial and ground attacks.