11 players who can be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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The Incumbent: Zach Wilson

Then we have Zach Wilson. The Jets opened the door to benching Wilson on Monday, but they stopped short of completely sidelining him. At best, his status as the Jets' starting QB can be described as contentious at the moment.

Wilson's Jets and NFL careers hang in the balance as the Jets approach their Week 12 game against the Chicago Bears. If he starts, it'll likely be his last opportunity to prove that deserves another chance.

One more misstep on the field or misguided response off of it and the Jets won't hesitate to send Wilson to the bench. His leash is as short as it's been.

But one scenario can't be overlooked when discussing the Jets' quarterback situation in 2023. There's certainly a non-zero chance that Wilson is once again the starting QB next season.

It may seem unlikely at this point, but he should probably be the leader in the clubhouse by virtue of the fact that he's already on the team — and it's hard to imagine he's going anywhere.

Wilson is still under contract for another two years and it's difficult to believe any team would want to trade for him and take on his salary. The Jets will likely have Wilson on their roster in 2023, at the very least as a backup.

If Wilson bounces back over the final stretch of the season, he could still be the guy next year. Is it possible that Wilson salvages his starting job from the burnt ashes of his smoldering career? Sure. Is it likely? Not exactly.

The Jets haven't completely given up on Zach Wilson yet, but it's going to take some serious rehabbing if he wants to be the team's starting QB come September 2023.

Odds: He'll likely be on the roster regardless so...

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