NY Jets: Woody Johnson must go if the allegations are true

NY Jets, Woody Johnson (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Woody Johnson (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images) /

If the allegations against NY Jets’ owner Woody Johnson are true, he must go.

New bombshell allegations surfaced this week that NY Jets owner Woody Johnson engaged in racist and sexist comments. If true, the Johnsons should be forced to sell the team.

Say this for the Jets — they are never boring.

Unfortunately, the franchise usually makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. The latest story to break about the organization continues that trend.

Johnson has been accused of engaging in a litany of improper conduct while serving as the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom. Johnson is accused of making blatantly sexist and racist comments, as well as working to move the Open Championship to a golf resort owned by the president.

Alleged political corruption is a complicated topic, and this writer will leave the analysis of that particular issue to others who are more experienced and capable to speak on it.

However, Johnson’s alleged comments are extremely concerning. If true, they alone are more than enough to disqualify Johnson from owning an NFL team.

Consider the following excerpt from the CNN report concerning the racism allegedly displayed by Johnson.

“Three sources said Johnson questioned why the Black community would want a separate month to celebrate Black history and argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the real challenge.”

Additionally, Johnson is accused of behaving inappropriately towards women.

“Four sources familiar with Johnson’s meetings told CNN the ambassador hosted official gatherings at a posh men’s-only club in London…[Additionally] Three sources said Johnson has described women in offensive and diminishing ways.”

It is worth noting that Johnson has denied all allegations.

I have followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office at all times. These false claims of insensitive remarks about race and gender are totally inconsistent with my longstanding record and values.

— Ambassador Johnson (@USAmbUK) July 22, 2020

This much smoke is usually indicative of fire, and Johnson may have a difficult time putting out this blaze.

Jets superstar Jamal Adams has already publicly expressed concern about Jets management. Early reports indicate he probably is not the only player upset about Johnson’s alleged behavior.

Text from a Jets player: "To say that dudes are boiling over is an understatement. He's got to go."

Hinted there might be some type of coordinated statement speaking out against Woody Johnson from players around NFL, not just on the Jets.

This story is just beginning.

— mike freeman (@mikefreemanNFL) July 22, 2020

The NY Jets cannot stand for Woody Johnson’s comments if the allegations are true.

Here is the bottom line. If Johnson made those comments, he has lost the right to own an NFL franchise. If the allegations are true, the Johnson family must surrender all stakes to the team (Woody’s brother Christopher has been running the team during Woody’s absence).

Even putting aside the effect that Johnson’s alleged misconduct will have on the team and the league as a whole, how can any fans of good conscience support this organization?

This year, the country has been trying to evolve. From Washington’s football team changing its name to the league publicly reconsidering their stance on the kneeling protests, many Americans are taking a new stand against all forms of prejudice.

Johnson’s alleged statements about women and Black people are not only egregiously inappropriate. They are also completely tone-deaf to this revolutionary moment in history.

As Jets fans, we must demand better of our team’s ownership. The team must be sold.

The one bright side to this for Jets fans is that if Johnson does sell the team, they may actually start to win football games.

Arguably, running a football team is the only thing Johnson is worse at than being an ambassador. Over two decades of ownership, the Jets have a combined record of 148-172, a meager six playoff appearances, and of course no championships.

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Whether it’s the product on the football field or the headlines the organization makes off of it, it is clear that Jets fans deserve far better than the Johnsons.

Woody Johnson must go.