NY Jets: Alex Lewis defends Adam Gase, disputes lack of respect report

NY Jets (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

NY Jets’ offensive guard Alex Lewis recently took to Instagram to defend head coach Adam Gase.

NY Jets‘ head coach Adam Gase was the subject of a negative report yesterday that essentially claimed the locker room didn’t have respect for him. But offensive guard Alex Lewis took to Instagram today to dispute that claim.

As reported by Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News on Wednesday, Gase is apparently a “major factor” in the reason for Jamal Adams‘ discontent in New York. As per Mehta’s report, Adams “does not want to play for Gase anymore for myriad reasons.”

While this was already a major development in and of itself, Mehta took it a step further with his claims. He insisted that it wasn’t just Adams who didn’t respect Gase, but the majority of the Jets’ locker room.

“The prevailing sentiment in Gang Green’s locker room is clear: Players don’t respect Gase, who has rubbed them the wrong way with his inability to lead and lack of support.”

This seemed to support notions that many fans had believed for quite some time, especially after a similar situation unfolded during Gase’s stint with the Miami Dolphins.

Mehta continued on with his report.

“Too many people on 1 Jets Drive — including players, coaches and front office members — don’t trust or believe in Gase, whose disingenuous bent hasn’t been lost on people in the organization. They painted a picture of an insecure figure always willing to point the finger at others for the team’s failings last season. No player, or person, was immune.”

Those are some serious claims and it’s not hard to see why a player who may support Gase would take umbrage with what Mehta is saying. And that’s exactly what happened with Alex Lewis.

NY Jets’ left guard Alex Lewis disputed Manish Mehta’s claims about Adam Gase.

The Jets’ projected starter at left guard took to Instagram on Thursday to dispute Mehta’s claim calling the reporter a “poison to the team” and calling out everything he said.

Below is a transcription of what was said on his Instagram story.

“Manish Mehta give up your sources. You don’t speak for the locker room or myself. You got no place in the locker room if you are going to overgeneralize all players. Manish you are a poison to this team.”

This was in direct response to Mehta’s claim that the players do not support Gase, a section of his article that Lewis highlighted in his post. Clearly, Lewis doesn’t share the same sentiment echoed by Mehta.

What should we make of all this? Who should we believe? Honestly, that really depends on what your feelings on Gase were before all of this was reported. Either way, I highly doubt it’s the last we’ll hear of this.

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